Roger Mayweather Is Apparently Skipping Out On Sensitivity Training Sessions

SOMEONE IS SKIPPING OUT ON HIS SENSITIVITY TRAINING: EASTSIDE BOXING has what it calls a very candid conversation” about boxing with the uncle of Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Roger Mayweather.

Roger Mayweather

Make that “a very, very, VERY, candid conversation” after eyeballing Roge’s expletive scorecard in the aftermath of what amounted to a steady stream of profanity (with an occasional stray adverb tossed in):

F—“: 18 times.
Motherf—–“: 4 times.
Sh–“: 10 times.
A–“: 10 times.

Roger Mayweather

And now some pearls from the former professional fighter and current trainer of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (his nephew):

On Oscar De La Hoya: “Oscar can’t do s— if you take his left hand away from him. You can take his left hand and shove it up his a– and he can’t do s— anyhow. He’s done if you take his left away from him. That’s it. People say ‘oh, Oscar’s one of the greats.’ No he ain’t.

On Oscar De La Hoya’s trainer Freddie Roach: “Freddie Roach can’t train no f—ing way so it don’t make no f—ing difference anyway.”

Roger Mayweather

On legendary Muhammad Ali trainer Angelo Dundee: “Angelo Dundee? What the f— did he do? All he ever did was say ‘your blowing it kid’ what the f— did he do? Angelo Dundee can’t be a great trainer no way.

On legendary trainer Eddie Futch: “People say, ‘Oh Eddie Futch, he’s great’ and I say, ‘Yeah, look at him. The motherfucker had 24 motherfuckers that were already made so wakeup motherfucker.’ He didn’t make no fucking champions.