Roger Goodell Confuses Explanations, Nonsense

The one person who benefited the most from yesterday’s congressional hearings: Roger Goodell.

Roger Goodell

The NFL Commish had his meeting with Arlen Specter, the highlights of which normally would have been top of page 1 pretty much everywhere, I think.

Instead, such nonsense slid past everyone a little bit. Maybe the story will get its due today. Or maybe the NFL is just Teflon? I think, though, that these things are too had to ignore:

Goodell apparently told Specter that Bill Belichick has been taping games since he became Patriots coach in 2000, but that the coach thought it was legal. What. What? What! Seriously, if that’s the best both of these men can come up with, they’re both going to be toast.

Goodell also reiterated that he thought he was doing the correct thing by destroying the tapes. Yes, and Kelvin Sampson was just mis-dialing a bunch of times.

I really hope this story gets a good run eventually because it deserves it. I’m not even convinced that what Belichick and the Patriots did was so much of a competitive advantage. It’s just the hubris of two men that’s infuriating right now.