Rocket Likely To Join Son At Astros’ Minors Camp

Roger Clemens seems to be avoiding every possibility of fading away quietly as the steroid clamor continues to hang over him. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that he’ll likely make an appearance at the Houston Astros’ minor league camp over the next few days, escorting his son Koby there, as he’s done for the past few years.

Roger and Koby Clemens

Clemens has attended in the past in order to play with his son, who will be trying to make the switch to catcher this season. But if the Rocket does show up, every question (if he takes any) would be about Brian McNamee and whether he would play again (which everyone presumes he wouldn’t).

I’m not so sure myself. The Astros could use another starter, I suppose, and Clemens could find out he has enough in common with the team. He’d probably have quite a lot to talk about with, say, Miguel Tejada.