Clemens’ Autographed Ball Comes With Asterisks

Here’s one way for Roger Clemens to help pay his attorney fees for his legal fight against Brian McNamee - sell off some of his balls.

Roger Clemens autographed ball

The above horsehide holds the Rocket’s personal John Hancock, along with a signature acknowledging Clemens’ 350 wins and 4,500 strikeouts. The ball can be bought through the Roger Clemens Foundation for only $350. And 12 more bucks can get you a lovely acrylic display.

Interesting that the numbers would already contain *asterisks* - presumably saving any possible purchasers the trouble of adding them on themselves, a la Barry Bonds.

UPDATE: Emailers, we know they’re pluses, it’s a joke. Didn’t realize so many were so thick. If only we’d posted a pic to the right ball!

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