Blog-A-Rama: Clemens Digging Deeper Hole

Ken Rosenthal of FOX SPORTS writes that Roger Clemens should just come clean, before the hole he’s digging for himself gets any deeper:

Roger Clemens

• THE SMOKING GUN pulls over ex-NBA star Charles Oakley for a lane violation.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING lays down the Lambeau beats, as these Packer Backers know how to party like rock stars:

• WITH LEATHER on Dickie V’s vocal cord surgery: “I hope it’s cancer“:

Dick Vitale

• BUGS & CRANKS pumps up the volume, as they sit back and enjoy “The Mitchell Report’s Greatest Hits

Mike Seate of the PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW on the differences between the NFL players & their audience: “I watched a mostly black Steelers team play before a crowd that was whiter than Christmas dinner at Ann Coulter’s crib.”