Clemens Admits Injections, But Only With Vitamins

Roger Clemens finally admitted he got injected. But not with steroids:

Roger Clemens

Brian Costello of the NEW YORK POST learns that the Rocket had said he was shot up by former trainer Brian McNamee, but only with vitamins and painkillers.

Clemens told Mike Wallace during their “60 Minutes” interview that he received injections of Vitamin B-12 and the painkiller lidocaine, but nothing illegal. He calls claims to the contrary “ridiculous.”

But McNamee’s lawyer, Earl Ward, stands by his client’s claims in the Mitchell Report that he gave Clemens performance-enhancing drugs:

Brian McNamee has a master’s degree in sports medicine. He knows the difference between B-12, lidocaine and testosterone. What he injected into Roger Clemens was not lidocaine. It was not B-12. It was testosterone. He stands by the statements he provided to Senator Mitchell.”

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Costello further argues that if the injections were only vitamins & painkillers, the team doctor or training staff would have administered the shots. He postulates that McNamee would only be needed to give the injections the doctors & staff wouldn’t do - like illegal steroids.

Clemens isn’t the only player to use the B-12 defense. In 2005, Rafael Palmiero claimed he thought he was only getting vitamin shots when he failed a steroids test.

McNamee’s lawyers are also threatening to sue Clemens if the “60 Minutes” piece shows the Rocket referring to his former trainer as a liar.

Clemens Took It In The Butt Trentonian

The way things are going for Roger, it looks like he may be taking it in the butt yet again.