Rodney Harrison Wants To ‘Put A Bounty’ On T.O.

Excited about the first regular season Monday Night Football game? Rodney Harrison is … um, does he realize it’s not on NBC? The ex-Patriots safety, now an analyst there, has some interesting things to say leading into New England’s opener with the Bills. Maybe it’s the human growth hormones kicking in?

Basically, says Harrison, Terrell Owens can suck it. Key quote: “I’m pumped about T.O. opening up his big mouth about the Patriots. It’s fair now. I can actually put a bounty on T.O. if I wanted and not get in any trouble.”

But there’s more.

Of course how Harrison would go about putting a bounty on any active player is a mystery; would other NBC employees try to run into his car at the mall? Suffice it to say, Rodney doesn’t like Terrell. Harrison made the comments today on WEEI radio’s “The Dale and Holley Show“:

What triggered Harrison’s response was what Owens told the Boston media on Wednesday.

Owens joked he was going to bring his spy camera to Monday night’s season opener between the Bills and Patriots.

“He’s a clown,” Harrison said. “He’s all about the circus show and the cameras, and it’s all about that. But you best believe he’ll have Shawn Springs in his grill and Brandon Meriweather will be putting his helmet down his throat. So I’m excited about seeing that on Monday.

“He’s just so, so miserable. He wants to seek so much attention. I don’t know. Something happened a long, long [time] ago, before we even knew T.O., that just made him like this. The guy is such a phenomenal talent, but his clown antics and his tactics just take away, year after year.”

Of course this all began back in 2007, and involved neither the Bills or the Patriots directly. Owens — then with the Cowboys, scored a touchdown against the Dolphins and celebrated by pretending to operate a camera during his end zone celebration, in reference to Bill Belichick’s Spygate controversy. He was fined $7,500 for that, but the classics, they never die.