Rodman One Of 27 Kids, Dad Is Named Philander

A recent piece by the MIAMI HERALD’s Dan Le Batard dredged this forgotten, glorious gem about Dennis Rodman:

Dennis Rodman's Father: Philander Rodman 27 Kids

(Two words Reality Show producers: Family. Reunion.)

Rodman’s father’s name was, no lie, Philander. Dennis never knew him. It has been reported that Philander Rodman has 27 kids by four women.

27 kids? But what about the report of Rodman having 45 brothers and sisters?

JET Magazine had a piece on Philander back in 1996, noting that he was “bursting with pride” about his son. The WASHINGTON POST also reported in ‘96:

Philander Rodman said he now writes and sends faxes to Dennis frequently, asking to be able to see him again, but has never received a reply.

Jet also reported there’s a Philander Rodman III who played hoops at the Univ. of Idaho. And it turns out there’s a Philander IV (nicknamed “bigfoot”) who was signed by a pro team in the Philippines as a publicity stunt.

Most recently, Philander stalked Dennis when the former NBA player participated in some sort of all-star game in the Philippines in 2006. Highlight:

Philander was hoping to talk with Rodman, who was only three years old when he left their home and never came back.

But Philander wouldn’t have that opportunity. After downing several cans of beer, which were left scattered under his seats, he left the venue, shouting and cursing his son.

Dennis was immediately escorted to the dugout by his body guards and the event’s security personnel. For Dennis, he would rather focus on what he really came for—play basketball.

Le Batard reports that Rodman, who tells the columnist how much he “hates” fame, will soon be going on yet another lame reality show.

Want to know a Rodman reality show WE WOULD ALL WATCH? A family reunion.