Rod Marinelli Isn't Quitting, Nor Making Any Sense

You’re at the helm of an 0-4 team — one of the biggest embarrassments in all of football — and the guy who hired you just got axed last week, to the great joy of anyone who’s ever cheered for your team. Kyle Orton just destroyed you on Sunday. It’s probably a pretty good time to just cut your losses and move to Montana.

Rod Marinelli

But that’s not what Rod Marinelli does. In fact, he pretty much hates you for even suggesting that as a possibility. He’ll play Drew Stanton if he has to, but dude is not giving up. And he has no problem sounding like a complete babbling lunatic in proving it to you.

The DETROIT FREE PRESS has some choice quotes after the jump.
The Freep’s Nicholas Cotsonika pretty much just stays out of Marinelli’s way (via USA TODAY). Incidentally, Rod’s the second Marinelli in a matter of days to completely lose his mind.

Asked about whether he’s thought about stepping down:

“Oh, heck no,” Marinelli said defiantly. “Just you saying that to me, I would take that as a personal insult, and I would challenge you on that one.”

“I believe in what I’m doing 100%. I’m going to fight every single day that I have that opportunity. I owe the game of football that. I owe every kid in this community that. Don’t ever say that to me.”

That’s right, kids of the Detroit area. He owes you the crappy memories you’re forming rooting for this trainwreck.

He also respects authority, unlike some of those ungrateful know-it-all kids:

“I always look at authority, and I respect authority, which a lot of times that doesn’t happen in this country,” Marinelli said. “I look at authority, and I take my marching orders from there.”

He said he do whatever owner Willam Clay Ford, Sr. tells him to do. Even if that means benching Jon Kitna for Stanton, who was pretty good at being slightly underwhelming during his college career at nearby Michigan State. I’m curious as to what Marinelli would do if Ford told him to punt on every offensive play, though.

Eventually, Marinelli just gives up on making sense:

“This is when it’s awesome,” Marinelli said. “In terms of real leadership, real leaders stand in the front, and that’s hard for people to do. When things are going wrong, you’ve got to go to the front and you pull people with you.

“When things are going good, leaders stay in the back. They should, and they push from behind. But when things are difficult, leadership steps forward, takes the bullets, believes in its people, and you go forward.”

Just to recap, all this is about letting Rod Marinelli learn some life lessons and dole out some “wisdom” about leadership. This has nothing to do with winning football games, which I’m sure is a big relief to all the people who spent $1,000 on season tickets to witness this debacle.

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