D-Leaguer Uses His Yahoo Blog To Lure Actress?

If you haven’t heard of Rod Benson yet, you’re probably new to the internet. Dubbed the “D-League Gilbert Arenas,” Benson has taken the blogging world by storm in the past year. He’s on DEADSPIN. He’s in SLAM. He even writes for YAHOO!.

jenna fischer

Now, he’s trying to use his new-found celebrity to lure another new celeb, The Office’s Jenna Fischer, in to his grasp.

In his latest post, Benson really puts himself out there, going so far as to write the beauty a poem. First, Benson confesses to how saddened he has been by the whole writer’s strike:

I’m so glad she came back - I’ve missed her
That’s right, I’ve missed you Jenna Fischer

But then he gets right to business:

If you were some milk, I’d be like Ovaltine
We’d get some brown in you if you know what I mean

Beautiful. Rod wraps everything up with an ode to everyone’s favorite teenage pregnancy/ hipster comedy:

Let’s make some sweet music like Bleeker and Juno
When it comes to Boom Tho girls, you’re numero uno!

If his poem doesn’t work, maybe Benson can impress the future Mrs. Jim Halpert with his famous friends (that’s Bill Simmons in there, the awkward-looking white guy. No, the other one.).:

bill simmons rod benson