Rocky To Be Made Into A Broadway Musical

ROCKY BALBOA MUSICAL SURE TO BE BIG BROADWAY HIT: With sequel after sequel after sequel after sequel after sequel, you would think the Rocky Balboa saga would have run its course.

Rocky Balboa Clubber Lang action figures

Fat chance, as the world better get its gloves on for “Rocky - The Musical“!PLAYBILL jabs news that the Philadelphia pugilist will be taking boxing to the box seats on Broadway. Thomas Meehan, who’ll be writing the stage show, says the Rocky story “was made to be a musical. It’s got all the elements.”

However, those hoping for a Mr. T soliloquy or a tender Russian ballad from Ivan Drago, tough luck - the show will be based on the first film.

Sylvester Stallone

Sadly, Sylvester Stallone himself will not be showing up on stage. He probably doesn’t have the strength - since he left that behind in Australia.