Rockets Soar To 20 In A Row; Oden Back On Court

The Houston Rockets continue to reach new heights, as they beat the Atlanta Hawks 83-75 Wednesday night for their 20th victory in a row, tying the mark set by the ‘70-’71 Bucks for the 2nd-longest streak in NBA history.

Shane Battier Rockets Hawks

(Cheer up, Shane Battier - your team’s won 20 in a row!)

What a weekend it’s going to be in Houston. The Rockets can reach 21 in a row with a win over Charlotte on Friday, while the Hanson Brothers skate into town on Saturday. If only the local NBA team could have their popular big man back on the court.

While that’s not happening with Yao Ming & the Rockets anytime soon, the Portland Blazers did enjoy a quick glimpse of their own tower of power stepping out on the floor.

The OREGONIAN reports that Greg Oden hit the floor on Wednesday, practicing with his Blazer buddies on for the first time this season. The uber-but-injured rookie spent 45 minutes jumping, dunking, and even taking part in some offensive plays.

Greg Oden Blazers shirt

Blazers trainer Jay Jensen say Oden’s on-court cameo is a “baby step” in his recovery from knee surgery, which has kept him out of the lineup this year. But Greg seemed to enjoy his guest star appearance: “It was fun. It felt good to get out there … and I wasn’t hurting at all.”

And if Oden seemed excited to be back, Brandon Roy was even more so:

It almost brought it back to preseason when he was in the gym working out and there was that buzz. I mean, this season wasn’t bad, but you can still tell that he’s going to be something special, and that’s exciting. You think about all the players we can have next season, and you know, it’s going to be all right. It’s going to be cool.

And the good vibes just keep coming for Portland basketball. Wednesday night, the Portland State Vikings punched their first-ever ticket to the Big Dance, by beating Northern Arizona 67-51 for the Big Sky Conference championship.

Everything’s turning up roses for the Rose City!