Streak Ends, Rockets Radio Guy Can Get Surgery

The Houston Rockets can now say 22 and toodle-oo to their almost-record winning streak, as the Boston Celtics walked out of the Toyota Center Tuesday night with a 94-74 victory.

Rockets Celtics Rafer Alston Sam Cassell

Tracy McGrady, who was held to 8 points in the loss, kept a positive outlook despite the defeat, saying, “It was a great run …. We’re in the history books. But we don’t want to look back on it. We want to start another streak.”

But there is one silver lining along the cloud of a closed streak - Jim Foley can finally have some surgery done.

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE calls out the news that the long-time Rockets radio commentator announced he’s taking a leave of absence to undergo bladder surgery.

Jim Foley Houston Rockets announcer

Obviously, Foley wasn’t going to leave while he was in the middle of history in the making. But now that the run is over, there’s no need to hold off on the hospital visit.

Yet, sticking it out while suffering possible peeing pain certainly takes dedication. Much like Jeanne Zelasko putting off cancer treatment to complete her bowl game assignments for Fox.

Foley has spent 36 years with the Rockets organization, with the last 21 seasons in the broadcast booth. Jim announced last June that this would be his final year, but he’s hoping the Celtics loss won’t be his last game:

I am sorry to be leaving at this exciting time, but I am hopeful that an extended playoff run will enable me to return for some games, and I have every confidence that this will happen. I could be back in early May.”

So, maybe it’s a good thing the Rockets’ streak stopped at 22. A longer run could have killed Foley. Maybe Jim should send Kevin Garnett a thank-you note.