Rockets Fine Yao Ming For Attending Special Olympics In China

ROCKETS FINE YAO FOR ATTENDING SPECIAL OLYMPICS: Balding retread New Houston Rockets coach Rick Adelman is off to a rousing start with his new club, doing all he can to engender good will with players and fans alike.

Yao Ming

Take for instance, one of his first official acts as coach: Fining Yao Ming for attending the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics in China.

From the HOUSTON CHRONICLE: “Yao will be fined for missing media day and the practices, but (Rockets general manager Daryl) Morey would not say the amount of the media day fine. Media day attendance is a high priority for the NBA and fines can exceed $20,000. The fines for missing practices are $2,500 for the first practice and $5,000 for the second.”

Yao Ming fans

Ming missed two practices this week but will not miss any preseason games. So he was absent for two days of what could be a nearly nine month-season. And none of almost 100 scheduled games (including exhibitions).

If it’s any consolation to Adelman and the Rockets front office (who know doubt will take the blame when the backlash hits), at least Yao didn’t miss those 48 hours for a good cause.

UPDATE: Yao is back, and in camp as of today.