Rock Of Love Hockey Hoochie Pops Her Implant?

If, like me, you have some level of self-esteem, you haven’t been watching “Rock of Love Bus” on VH1. The involves a bunch of…let’s just call them “women of questionable morals”…riding on a tour bus with ex-Poison singer Bret Michaels to compete for his affection. Since this is the third season of the “Rock of Love” series, and the first two winners clearly didn’t make a love connection with the long-haired, leathery Michaels, it makes you wonder why these women think they are going to be the one.

Rock of Love Hoochie Pops Her Implants During Hockey Scene

So it might be easy if to miss if something incredible, mind-blowingly awesome were to happen on the show. Like, for example, if one of the bimbos on the show were to fall face first on the ice during a hockey challenge, and then need medical attention because she was afraid she had, in her own words, “popper her frickin’ implant.” Fortunately, WRAP AROUND CURL is there to capture all of the saline popping action (and thanks to PUCK DADDY for catching it).

Well, at least it might be saline. Unfortunately, the YouTube video of the incident has already been taken down, but as you can see from the clip on the VH1 Web site, the contestant isn’t sure exactly what kind of implants she has- silicone or saline. While I’m unsure how exactly that would make a difference to the EMTs treating at that particular second (although I guess if it’s saline, they don’t need an IV), it raises a larger question:

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU HAD IMPLANTED IN YOUR OWN CHEST?!? Clearly, the contestants on this show aren’t the sharpest tacks in the bag, but come on. For all she knows, the doctor could have implant modeling clay in there. Or ketchup, which probably would have made it easier to recognize if her implant had popped or not.

There are other misfortunes in the episode - one girl gets her belly-button ring ripped out, and generally everyone on the show make you want to gouge your own eyes out - but nothing is going to top the girl almost popping her implant. Really, they should just stop making reality shows now - “Rock of Love Bus” has won.

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