Robbed Egyptian Team Cleaned Out by Hookers?

When the Egyptian soccer team lost $2,400 dollars from a few players’ rooms in South Africa a couple days ago, the head of Egypt’s delegation was unusually quick to lay the blame on the players themselves and not on the host country of the Confederations Cup: “There was some negligence on the players’ part, leaving the money in drawers, and they’ll be getting firm instructions for next time.”

Howard Webb and Egypt player

(”Now go back to your room with no prostitutes!”)

Now we may know why: the players might have been getting firm instructions from prostitutes hired after their tremendous upset win over powerhouse Italy and left their drawers down while the female sex workers made off with their cash in a robbery.  Well, that’s better; it’s not a security problem but an entirely different kind of crime.  See you next year, World Cup fans; bring extra cash for our hookers to steal from you!

The hotel was quick to get video out showing the women bouncing from room to room in slight clothing to prove their security was strong up until the moment mostly-naked women socially engineered their way past the locks.  Because, you know, that won’t be a problem during the World Cup, either.

Everyone connected with the tourney, protecting their own interests, are mumbling and looking to the sky, hoping everyone can just move along so this can be forgotten in a week.  The police, however, were not so shy about making it clear that people engaged in one type of crime may not be shy about committing another type.