Erin Andrews Responds To Rankled Rutgers Fans

People in New Jersey have never been shy about sharing their feelings with others, usually going on about how Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are the greatest things to happen to music since, well, ever. So clearly, though they have no problem expressing themselves, they aren’t the smartest people in the country.

Still, it’s hard to blame the good people of New Jersey for being upset when they found out that Rob Stone was going to be working the sidelines of yesterday’s game between Rutgers and Fresno State instead of the lovely Erin Andrews. After all, I’m guessing about 50-60% of the males in attendance only bought tickets to the game because they were under the impression that Andrews would be working the sidelines. Those fans weren’t alone in their frustration either, as even Erin took the time to write Stone a letter about the whole thing. A letter Rob shared on the air.

Video of Rob’s reading after the jump.

(Clip courtesy of AWFUL ANNOUNCING)

Erin Andrews’ middle name is Jill? I had no idea. It’s just that Erin Andrews flows so nicely off the tongue, but when you put Jill in there it’s like hitting a huge pothole while doing 85 on the freeway. Anyway, back to the story, I’m pretty sure it was EA’s choice not to go to Jersey for this game. He hair just isn’t big enough.