Rob Jones USD Basketball Player Is Grandson Of Mass Murderer Jim Jones

USD BALLER IS GRANDSON OF “KOOL AID” MASS MURDERER: In an “Outside The Lines” feature, we learn today that Rob Jones, freshman basketball player at the University of San Diego, is grandson of notorious mass murderer Jim Jones.

Rob Jones Grandson Of Jim Jones Mass Suicide Murderer

Jones is the son of Jim Jones, Jr., who was an adopted son of the fake reverend who forced 900 men, women and children to commit mass suicide in Guyana in 1978 at something called the People’s Temple.

Jones, Jr., and Jones, Sr.’s biologicial son Stephan (we know, it’s complicated), tell the story of being saved from that suicide because they were playing basketball outside of *Jonestown* for a team organized by Jones, Sr. at the time of the tragedy.

ESPN will air a piece on “Outside The Lines” about the family and continue retelling the crazy (and creepy) story on Sunday evening.