RJeff Leaves Jilted Bride’s Settlement At The Altar

So when last we left Richard Jefferson, he was explaining to everyone who would listen (re: Dan Patrick and Howard Stern on their radio shows) that he wasn’t such a cad. He said that he didn’t break up with fiance Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols by email, as was alleged; that he didn’t call off the wedding with only a couple hours’ notice; and in fact was giving her a big cash settlement for calling off the nuptials.

Richard Jefferson, Kesha Nichols

I guess that another radio blitz is in order, because the NEW YORK POST is saying that the cash deal is off, and that Jefferson has even banned Nichols from the Manhattan apartment they had shared, telling the doorman not to let her in to get her belongings.

According to THE POST, Jefferson has reneged on the $600,000-plus settlement he was giving Nichols.

“She is living out of a suitcase, in a hotel,” one disgusted girlfriend said.

Jefferson, who now plays for San Antonio, is in Texas and nobody is living in the apartment, according to a building source.

Nichols’ lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, confirmed that she had been hired to help Nichols gain access to her home and belongings.

Kesha Nichols

(Would you allow this woman into your home?)

Previously Jefferson had told Stern that he’s giving Nichols a “six-figure” settlement so she could start a new life. So I guess she’ll just have to do wit the old one. And about the rumors that he’s gay? He addressed that on Patrick’s show:

“You can’t fight the internet,” Jefferson said of rumors about his sexuality. “They start spreading rumors and it starts snow-balling. That’s the furthest thing from the truth, and it sort of pissed me off.”

As for their planned honeymoon — a trip to London to see Michael Jackson’s comeback show — no one’s denying that.

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