Rivals Acccuse Robby Gordon Of Going Rosie Ruiz

Last weekend, Robby Gordon decided to use the NASCAR Sprint Cup off-week to do some off-road racing, running in the grueling Baja 250. Apparently, he also decided that if it was worth running, it was worth winning - at any cost. Because as FROM THE MARBLES reports, Gordon is being called a dirty cheater by rivals who say he veered off the course to cut shave four miles and make a pass for second place.

Robby Gordon

I admit that I’m frequently confused, but one thing I cannot wrap my head around is this: they have courses in off-road racing? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being, you know, off the road? I would have thought that they would just choose a finish point 250 miles from the starting line and let the drivers decide how to get there.

But maybe that’s too much like Hanna-Barbera’s “Wacky Races,” although Gordon’s actions do make him seem like Dick Dastardly in the Mean Machine - no word on if he had a snickering canine co-pilot.

Gordon’s apparent undoing came because in taking his alleged shortcut, he also missed one of the race checkpoints, which got people wondering how he then managed to finish the race in second place. Short of teleportation, it was clear that something odd was going on. So as DIRT NEWZ says, a group of men called the Pit Fools - who were at the missed stop in question - decided to investigate themselves.

The video that follows shows their intrepid work in investigating the case, including immediately recognizing which brand of tires left the tracks that went off-course (and eventually over a cliff, a place many NASCAR drivers and fans would like to see Gordon go). It plays out like the new spin-off “CSI: Baja” except with a lot more red plastic beer cups than I’ve ever seen Gil Grissom use:

Is it conclusive evidence that Gordon pulled a Rosie Ruiz and took a shortcut to the finish? Maybe not, but it’s pretty solid circumstantial evidence. If Gordon has an excuse as to why he missed the checkpoint, who knows what it is since he’s declined to comment.  But his second-place finish is being appealed, and this sure can’t help his already lousy reputation.

If you want to feel some schadenfreude, here’s video of Gordon losing the Indianapolis 500 with two laps to go when he ran out of fuel while leading: