Risque Routine Gets HS Dance Team Suspended

High school cheerleading squads are perhaps the most visible face of a school’s female population, telling fans of the home and visiting teams just what the girls at that school are all about. Judging by the dance routine performed by the dance team at Jonesboro High in Georgia a few weeks ago, the message they were sending about their female population was this: our names collectively are Barbie, Candy and Jasmine, and we’re just working at the strip club until we finish nursing school.

Jonesboro High dance team

Which is not to imply that the girls Jonesboro High or their dancers are anything but fine, chaste young ladies. But that sure isn’t the impression you get from the routine the squad performed at halftime on Jan. 13. So it’s little wonder why the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION is reporting that embarrassed administrators have barred the squad from performing for the rest of the year.

Was the routine overly risque for teenagers, or is this wild overreaction by the school district? See the video after the jump and judge for yourself:

My main question is: didn’t the dance team have some sort of staff oversight? I know our school’s cheer and dance teams had a faculty member who supervised them and developed their routines. Then again, she also married a former student more than half her age two months after he graduated, so maybe she wasn’t the best judge of character, but still…no one reviewed the dance ahead of time and thought “this seems excessive”?

I’m certainly no prude, but that routine seems pretty adult for a high school dance team. It’s hard to argue that it looks like it should be performed by some girl named Lacey or Nikki on the center stage while accompanied by AC/DC or Guns ‘n’ Roses. Or at the least, that it’s a bad version of a dance routine from “Chicago” as performed at an off-Strip showgirl show (which I’ve seen before - Bob Fosse would be doing jazz hands in his grave if he knew).

At the end of the day, you don’t want your school’s dance team to be known by the degrading title of the YouTube video. But maybe I’m just old and easily offended these days. What do you think?

Was the Jonesboro High dance team’s performance too hot for high school?

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