Blog-O-Rama: Rip’s Beard Runnin’ It Amish Style

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC trims up some styling news of Pistons player Rip Hamilton sporting a new Amish look.

Rip Hamilton Amish beard

Dan Patrick’s radio show turns one today, and who better to help celebrate the media milestone than Charles Barkley.

• WITH LEATHER can’t understand why roof surfing hasn’t caught on yet.

• The ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS reports that Barrow, Alaska - the first town to host a high school football team above the Arctic Circle - is about to host the first high school football playoff game above the Arctic Circle.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE has the poop on Najeh Davenport coming back to the Steelers.

• Meanwhile, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT learns that Saints LB Hollis Thomas sure loves him some Spongebob Squarepants.

• SLAM ONLINE shoots up its reviews of the NBA Live 09 and NBA 2k9 video game launch parties.

• BLEACHER REPORT bounces along their choices of the 5 worst NBA trades in history.