Rinku And Dinesh Are Officially Baseball Players

Remember Rinku and Dinesh? Those Indian reality TV show contestants who can throw kind of hard, but not really, but that’s still good enough to get you a contract with the Pirates? They finally got some game action yesterday.

Rinku Singh

Rinku Singh got knocked around a little in his inning of work; Dinesh Patel was better. And neither embarrassed themselves or the Pirates organization, which is a moral victory for everyone. And, as always, the two recapped their afternoon in hilarious broken English on their blog.

Rinku came on first for the GCL Pirates, in the seventh inning of a 1-run ballgame. I could tell you he gave up a run on two hits with a strikeout and a wild pitch, but it’s more entertaining to let him tell it. All entries are sic‘ed, obviously.

Today having good part and bad part of first time ever pitching in game.

I pitching just OK, but Pirates team losing the game.  I getting in bull pen and feeling nervous warming up out there.  they calling your name, and I feeling little nervous.  After first pitching I feeling good.

I throwing 20 pitches and giving 13 strikes and 7 balls.  i giving three hits and 1 run.  I think next time i doing much better now i knowing how feeling on mound.  I OK focus staying on getting strikes.  That is all I ficus on now.

Dinesh pitched a scoreless inning on just nine pitches:

I also getting 1 inning pitching today.  Same Rinku i feeling little nervous.  In bull pen they saying my name and my heart going very fast.  I think I doing good today, but I sad we losing.  It not matter if we doing good if team not winning.

Only thing matters is win.

Next game we pitching i hoping we getting chance to pitch and winning game.

I trowing 9 pitch, 7 strike and 2 ball.  I getting 1 ground out to 2B, 1 fly out to RF and 1 strike out.  One more batter hitting ball and get to 1st, but they saying error only.

Honestly, if they could teach either of them to play the outfield, they could probably play for Pittsburgh tomorrow.