Rihanna On The Rebound With Andrew Bynum?

• Singer Rihanna was seen sharing a Friday night meal in Beverly Hills with the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum.

Rihanna Andrew Bynum Playboy Bunny

Ray Allen saves the Celtics from an embarrassing 2-0 hole vs. the Bulls.

• The Nationals fine Elijah Dukes for running late due to a charity event? No problem - the Little League will take care of that bill, dog.

• Florida high school pitching phenom Patrick Schuster does it again, hurling his 4th straight no-hitter.

• The Orlando Magic can’t escape hecklers even from just outside their own locker room.

• Did Mark Cuban himself start the whole Shaq-to-the-Mavs rumor?

• Police catch a local high school volleyball coach serving up some oral satisfaction to a supermarket manager in a parking lot.

Sean Avery says hello to Caps goalie Simeon Varlamov - with his fist.

• There’s sure to be plenty of hazards everywhere with the new “Ghetto Golf” video game.

• A Nevada basketball player tried to settle the score with a football player by bringing a gun to the gym.