Riggins To Clinton Portis: ‘Quit Being A Crybaby’

It’s only a handful of hours until the big Redskins-Giants opener, and the war of words IS ON. There’s, um, no Giants involved in this one, though. It’s between a Redskin and a former Redskin. Odd.

John Riggins, Clinton Portis

The feud between Clinton Portis and John Riggins continues, and all we can do is sit back and enjoy the show. Personally I think that this would be better if Portis dressed up in one of his signature wacky costumes, and Riggins went back to his mohawk. But this’ll do. Juicy quotes all around.

From D.C.’s WTOP.COM:

On WTOP’s “Riggo Report” Friday, Riggins said Portis shouldn’t be calling out his teammates or his coach when things go wrong.

“Clinton is a good running back, but when he basically called his offensive line out last year — I didn’t think that was particularly wise. And I don’t think it really goes over very well in the workplace when you start criticizing people you work with and blaming them for your lack of production or because you’re not where you perceive yourself to be in the minds of everybody else.”

As far as the rushing record, Riggins says he is rooting for Portis — sort of.

“Clinton, I congratulate you ahead of time and I do hope that you break the record for your own sake because maybe then you can quit being a crybaby and go back to playing football for the Redskins.”

The two have been trading jabs since January, when Riggins called Portis “a headache.” Last week, Portis said this:

“For him to be a legend and to hate as much as he hates, to be upset that I’m on his tracks — it’s crazy. I think he was a great running back, but think of who else was around, you know? Really not hard to be a great running back when you’ve got all that talent and help around you. I think they just had great teams.”

But Portis had other, bigger, weirder fish to fry. DC SPORTS BOG reports his thoughts on Sunday’s matchup:

He was asked about the NFC East; “Everybody over here is Mano y Mano,” he said. “They are what they are, and you’ve just got to be able to go out and deal with it.”

There’s a t-shirt somewhere in there..

And Portis was asked about the Skins’ newly potent offense: “It’s always been the Redskins gonna come out and play smash mouth, and that’s what it is,” he said, “but now I think you’re seeing all preseason, we’re throwing the ball downfield. And whether you complete it or not, just the opportunity….If you don’t get back there, it’s gonna be Bombs over Baghdad.”

For his part, Portis probably can’t wait to pull down the big John Riggins statue when he breaks the rushing record, like they did with Saddam. But “bombs over Baghdad?” I’d be surprised if that wasn’t on a bunch of Giants in t-shirt form right now.