Riggins Incinerates Redskins’ Coach, GM (Video)

Our older and/or better-read NFL fans will undoubtedly remember John Riggins, the eccentric, bruising running back of the Washington Redskins. He was the Super Bowl XVII MVP, but only after a contract dispute led to him sitting out an entire season on his own volition. Needless to say, he’s an iconoclast.

John Riggins
(That look then: badass. That look now: some combination of badass and homeless.)

He’s also a Redskin to the core, having played his final 10 seasons at RFK, leading to a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The mouth that made him larger than life is still at work, and as you can imagine, he’s not terribly impressed by the current state of affairs.

Riggo went after owner Dan Snyder last month, and now he’s set his sights on head coach Jim Zorn and Vinny Cerrato as GM. Thus, he went to YouTube and delivered a wonderfully eloquent, political, measured soliloquy on–okay, we couldn’t even finish that sentence; he tore Zorn to shreds and told Cerrato to quit football. Video is after the break.

See, it’s like a fireside chat, but the firewood hasn’t been burnt or even put into the fireplace. We think that means John Riggins can do time travel. Freaky.

Space-time continua aside, it’s pretty tough to figure out where Riggins is wrong on this one. The Redskins have been handed a cake of a schedule in the early going, and now they’re going to be fortunate to come out of it at .500 by this Sunday. This despite only one of their first six opponents has beaten anybody other than Washington this season. If this were college basketball, their RPI would be terrible. They’d be the Arkansas-Pine Bluff of the NFL.

Further, everything Riggins says seems to be true, if unnecessarily harsh at the same time. Zorn, for example, doesn’t appear to have the mindset of a typical NFL coach - hell, he hates porn - and Cerrato’s track record as a GM (or “Vice President of Football Operations,” whatever) is hardly exemplary. Shouldn’t their credentials be called into question?

But even with the difference in opinion, it seems pretty clear that Riggins wants the same thing that Snyder, Zorn, and Cerrato want: great success for the Redskins. It just so happens that Riggins doesn’t think any of the three are remotely competent enough to accomplish that task, and pesky things like facts and history would be on Riggins’ side. Trouble is, there’s probably no way in hell that Snyder sells the team in the foreseeable future.

Oh well, if that means more logpile chats with Riggo, then it’s probably worth it.