Parcells Prefers Players Do Mary Jane, Not Mambo

When it comes to off-field activities, it seems that Bill Parcells prefers his players toking up instead of getting down.

Ricky Williams Bill Parcells

While the Dolphins boss isn’t so thrilled with Jason Taylor out dancing with the stars, the Big Tuna doesn’t appear to have a big problem with Ricky Williams and his past herbal recreation.

LARRY BROWN SPORTS lights up the story from the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL, where the rasta running back says he was sure he would be moved out of Miami once Parcells took over:

“(Parcells) was describing the kind of player he wanted,” Williams said. “Honestly, I had doubts if I was going to be that type of player.”

But Bill soon surprisingly put Ricky’s fears to rest:

Williams said that Parcells called him into his office after the team meeting and told him he was keeping him on the team to share rushing duties with Ronnie Brown.

“I was expecting him not to talk to me at all,” Williams said. “I was expecting to get a letter in the mail saying I was going to be a free agent.

In fact, the two Dolphins are getting on rather swimmingly:

“I like (Parcells) more than I thought I would,” added Williams, who had lunch with Parcells last week. “He’s really different than I expected. It seems to me his greatest joy is developing true friendships with his players, being a mentor and trying to help people, not just in football but in life.”

Seems a little strange to see Parcells act this way. What’s the deal?

Could be that his get-togethers with Ricky took place around 4:20.