Ricky Williams Doesn’t Do Buds During Bye Week

Ricky Williams really wanted to get high during the Dolphins’ bye - but the RB had the strength to spike such smoky thoughts.

Ricky Williams Just Say No

• The Steelers & Ravens really played some smashmouth football Monday night - along with smashed legs, smashed shoulders, smashed knees, etc.

• Oakland Raiders assistant Randy Hanson says Lane Kiffin was trying to sabotage his career. Well, Randy won’t have to worry about that anymore.

• A school that hasn’t even played its first basketball game has fired their coach - for excessive swearing, dammit.

Josh Howard says he’s sorry he talked smack about the Star Spangled Banner.

• The White Sox asks fans to blackout during tonight’s tilt with the Twins, since it worked so well for Georgia.

• What didn’t work for the Bulldogs is standing in the middle of the road while drunk. Just ask UGA alum Danny Ware.

Tony Mandarich admits to steroids & drug use. Be sure to buy his upcoming book to find out more!

• A new study reveals going head first gets you to all the bases faster.

• With Kiffin cut, who’s Al Davis to turn to now? Sources say he’s thinking of installing (Tom) Cable.