Ricky Hatton’s Character Judgment a Little Shaky

One of the few reasons to pay attention to boxing at the moment is Ricky Hatton. He has all the markings of Raging Bull when I hear about his wonderfully massive between-fight weight gains, refusal to stop drinking during training and womanizing (ok, 2 out of 3).

Ricky Hatton Oasis Liam and Noel Gallagher

(Mancunian band Oasis land world’s most expensive bodyguard)

And now you can add a severe lack of character judgment to that list, as we saw Hatton invite fellow Mancunians Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis into the ring with him before and after his victory over Paulie Malignaggi Saturday in Vegas.

Of course, Oasis is one of recorded music’s most notable trainwrecks, so it makes perfect sense that the two parties would join forces. And how Hatton would then blow off his devoted girlfriend to follow the band during their current Mexican tour.

What a grand idea!

Hatton and the Gallagher boys share a love of Manchester City and many years ago Hatton was part of the audience when Oasis performed at Maine Road. The respect between the boxer and the band is mutual but it is thought that Hatton forgot to let his girlfriend, Jennifer Dooley, know about the road trip.

The three working-class heroes from Manchester will fly to Mexico City today in preparation for the first of three gigs that end on Saturday in Monterrey.

In case you don’t know, Oasis is notorious for crashing and burning on tour, which makes the prospect of Hatton joining them on stage in the coming weeks actually quite appealing. The brothers Gallagher already do plenty of sparring on stage, so perhaps Hatton will take on the role of, for once, peacemaker. More likely though, he’ll serve as a bodyguard from a violently rebellious audience.

Brooks and SbB Girl Wendy at Oasis show in Montreal

(No Hatton sightings that night, so there was some Guinness left in the building)

More importantly, here’s hoping we end up reading about Hatton’s tequila-fueled debauchery on the streets of Monterrey. Not that I’ll need that as a reason to buy the PPV for his upcoming, sure-thing bout against Oscar De La Hoya.