Cubs Owner Asking Famous Chicagoans For Help

In a sales process that should wrap up right around the time baseball has evolved into Blernsball, TD Ameritrade scion Tom Ricketts continues to drag out the purchase of the Chicago Cubs to extract more concessions from Sam Zell and WGN on advertising cash and to look for more $25-50 million loans from the local rich.

Jeremy Piven Chicago Cubs

(Guess who feels left out?)

Of course, as we mentioned last month, those loans have been gussied up in the form of stakes in the Chicago Cubs that you have to give back in 15 years when Ricketts pays back the loan with slim interest.  It’s now known that he’s schmoozed famous Chicagoans Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, and John Cusack to buy in. Frankly, it’s difficult to understand a world where Jim Belushi has over $25 million in net worth.

Of course, Belushi has a stake in the House of Blues franchise as well as the syndication-rich “According to Jim”.  However, ABC has finally put America out of its collective misery by canceling the show this week. How could he possibly afford a stake in the Cubs?  (Quite easily, probably.  It’s enough to question one’s own religion… which one can then get back at Gospel Brunch on Sundays at the House of Blues!)

Still, if Ricketts is looking for someone to buy in on this deal, he really should talk to Jim McMahonHe’ll invest in anything.