Rick Vaughn Bobblehead Is A Major League Win

Not to make you feel incredibly old, but here we go: the movie Major League is 20 years old this week. This won’t come as a surprise if you watch it again; it hasn’t aged well, especially when you see how everybody dresses. But even after two decades, it’s still probably the Indians’ proudest moment. Second proudest? Major League II. Least proud? Major League: Back To The Minors.

Rick Vaughn Bobblehead
(Being based on Charlie Sheen, this bobblehead is also the first with a massive cocaine addiction.)

But even though that was, y’know, a movie and therefore fake and stuff, the franchise is celebrating the anniversary in grand style: the Rick Vaughn bobblehead, seen above. It’s Major League Night at Jacobs Field with the Indians, you see, and yes, Bob Uecker will be in the booth.

Uecker, as you likely know, is the longtime voice of the Milwaukee Brewers, not the Indians. While the Brewers were in the AL back then, they’re now members of the National League, meaning Uecker doesn’t get many chances to work Indians games. That’s important, because in the context of this movie, Cleveland owes the Brewers a measure of vengeance:

But in true Hollywood fashion, the Tribe’s home games in the movie weren’t, of course, shot in Cleveland Municipal Stadium. That honor went to Milwauke County Stadium, which makes the Brewers tie-in for Monday’s promotion all the more appropriate.

Talking to MLB.COM in 2007, Chesser said Tribe fans are always curious why Milwaukee got the casting call over Cleveland for the stadium scenes.

“It was a real simple reason,” Chesser said. “We had a lot of conflict with the Indians’ schedule, with both the Indians playing there and the start of football season. Some actors were only available on certain days. The Milwaukee park was designed by the same architect. It was a smaller version of Municipal Stadium, so it was easier to shoot in because of the size.”

But seriously, we’d better not see any of those bobbleheads on eBay tomorrow, because only a fool would sell one. Wait, we want one. Okay, there had better be one, but only one, on eBay. And nobody gets to bid on it but us. And the seller has severe dementia and priced the bobblehead like it’s still 1920 and they only want a nickel for it. Or just give us one. Gimme. Gimme gimme.