Blog Jam: Rick Reilly Ready To Ramble For ESPN

• DEADSPIN is all excited to see Rick Reilly finally make his big debut for the Worldwide Leader.

Rick Reilly

• USA TODAY’s GAME ON is rooting for Lindsay Payne, as the swimmer is hoping to go from cancer survivor to Olympic participant.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS is entranced by a spirited Darren Daulton, as the ex-Phillies pitcher talks about his belief in metaphysics.

• Now that the NBA will soon fine floppers, NE PATRIOTS DRAFT lists some NFL actions that should result in the poaching of player paychecks.

• A LEAGUE OF HER OWN translates what baseball broadcasters mean when they call ballplayers “scrappy” or “money“.

• THE HATER NATION believes that more should be done in the pro & college football ranks to remember Pat Tillman.

• ASSOCIATED CONTENT takes in a game at the new Nationals stadium.

Jamie Mottram of MR. IRREVELANT wishes his co-conspirator & brother Chris a happy birthday.