Rick Pitino’s Wife Thinks Quick, Saves Man’s Life

No idea if Joanne Pitino acquired her CPR skills from a Matt Leinart- sponsored American Red Cross event, but the wife of Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino is a hero after saving the life of a passenger who suffered a heart attack during a recent flight.

Matt Leinart CPR


Our spies in the sky say Mrs. P helped administer CPR and assisted with the oxygen mask after the man sitting next to her collapsed. The plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia and the passenger made a full recovery!

Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, et al, might not be walkin’ through that door, but Joanne will be around to revive anybody who passes out. So there’s that.

Pitino’s actions were certainly noble, but if we’re handing out awards for heroism at 30,000 feet, I think these fine folks are more deserving. I mean, really, flying commercially is bad enough without having to be subjected to unsolicited nudity.