Pitino Scoffs At Claims of No NC Home Advantage

Roy Williams has maintained that having North Carolina play their Sweet Sixteen & Elite Eight games in Charlotte is not a home-court advantage.

Roy Williams Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino maintains that’s poppycock.

The RALEIGH NEWS OBSERVER learns thats the Louisvile coach disagrees with Williams’ assessment, as Pitino spoke with the media on Friday before his Cardinals go head-to-head with the Heels on Saturday.

(Video after the jump.)

When asked about Roy’s comments denying any advantage, Rick suggested that the Carolina coach go for a ride:

“Tell Roy to get on a plane for the first time and let’s play the game at Freedom Hall …. Go to Lexington, for that matter! We did it last year. Let’s go to Lexington and play it in Rupp (Arena).”

Pitino further joked about the supposed non-bias from the crowd:

“No, I don’t think there’s a home-court advantage. I think those are mostly mannequins dressed in powder blue.”

But before his comments end up as billboard material in the Carolina locker room, Pitino believes the Heels’ upper hand is justified:

There is a very strong home-court advantage, but they deserve it. That’s the bottom line, they’re the #1 seed …. they deserve the home-court advantage, they deserve the people, because they were the #1 ranked team in the country.”

And we’re sure Rick will get some undeserved grief from those mannequins in powder blue tomorrow.