Rick Pitino: Extortion Attempt by Employee’s Wife

Rick Pitino has accused the estranged wife of his Louisville equipment manager, Tim Sypher, of attempting to extort Pitino.   No one has decoded what Karen Sypher apparently told a local television station about Pitino or the Louisville program since the station chose not to air the information.

Rick Pitino

The FBI has been investigating Pitino’s claims and has spoken to Karen Sypher’s lawyer already.  Tim Sypher stands with Pitino, calling his wife’s claims “bizarre” and bringing the safety of the family’s children into the discussion.  The Syphers are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

If Mrs. Sypher does indeed have damaging information about the Louisville basketball program, she should have followed the time-honored Southern tradition: leak it to Nick Saban.  He’ll report anything.

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