Rick Majerus In Hot Water Over Views On Abortion

The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH reports today that St. Louis University Coach Rick Majerus recently bared his soul to local TV station KMOV-TV about being pro-choice on abortion. Case you don’t know, SLU is a catholic school and Majerus’ view, predictably, was not received well by St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke.

Rick Majerus Ball Sack

Burke to the same KMOV: “I would simply have to insist that it is not possible for a representative of the university to espouse these views which are in open violation of moral law, let alone Catholic teaching.

Burke said he expects to talk with SLU President Rev. Lawrence Biondi about the matter, and that Majerus’ positions “had to be clarified.

It’s ironic that Burke also didn’t also comment on the recent, ghastly profile of Majerus in SI.

In the piece, Majerus is portrayed as regularly appearing nude before his players, amongst other off-color conduct. Now if those players would’ve been underage, Majerus no doubt would’ve been given a pass by the Catholic Church. But adults? We’d have thought that would be a fireable offense.

Well at least the Billikens have a good team to fall back on. Oh, wait.