Rick Fox’s Foxy Sister; Big Ben Fibs About Ribs?

• We’re glad to have discovered Rick Fox’s ultra-foxy sister, Jeanene.

Jeanene Fox

• Could brave Ben Roethlisberger be telling a fib about his broken ribs?

• An ex-girlfriend is suing Roberto Alomar for $15 million, claiming that the slugger gave her AIDS.

Brett Favre says he’s retiring. This is not a repeat from 2008.

Jay Dobyns: From Arizona Wildcats receiver to undercover ATF agent infiltrating the wild Hell’s Angels gang.

• A college b-baller says she was booted from the team because her coach wanted her to be more gay.

• A Duke student camping outside to get tickets to the Tar Heels game gets meningitis instead.

Wayne Huizenga believes the New York Giants missed this year’s playoffs & Hawaii isn’t part of the U.S.

• And the winner of today’s tormented Tom Crean caption contest is…

Tom Crean Indiana Hoosiers coach

BenMR, who does this double-take: What’s Lewis Black doing on the court?

Thanks for playing. We’ll be reaching out with another contest tomorrow.