Richt Responds: House Sale ‘Christian motivated’

Early Wednesday I reported that Georgia football coach Mark Richt was selling his $2 million lake house near Georgia’s Lake Hartwell.

Mark Richt Lake House For Sale

Richt was asked about my report later in the day by Chip Towers of the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION and revealed that the offloading of the pricey property was based in the coach’s Faith.

“Within the last year, I read this book, ‘The Hole in Our Gospel,’ written by Richard Stearns. He’s the president of World Vision, U.S. I think people understand who World Vision is but, basically, they help the poor. Through their organization, you can help children, you can help build wells, you can buy them donkeys, whatever people need.

“World Vision helps people across the world. Well, anyway, there was a lot of statistical data in there about the amount of people that live on a dollar a day around this world. Billions of people. So I’m reading this book and it really effected me. It helped me realize that what we have is way more than we need and that our ability to give is hindered by this property.

“I guess that’s the best way to tell you. We just wanted to be in a better position to give and bless people that don’t have anything. We felt like this was one way to be able to do that.”

In my original piece, I took care to temper speculation about Richt’s real estate transaction as it pertained to his well-chronicled, shaky job status.

Normally, I don’t subscribe to a coach putting a home up for sale as a sign of anything, but in this case, it might be applicable. . . . Richt doesn’t strike me as a guy out to flip houses, so I think it’s reasonable to surmise that last year’s 6-7 record — and the subsequent outcry emanating from Athens — may have something to do with the coach making over his real estate portfolio.

If I don’t break the story, someone else would have, with that person possibly giving the story a more hyperbolic treatment that it deserved.

That said, to report Richt’s house sale without noting his untenable role as UGA football coach would be an embarrassing oversight. So I soft-pedaled the implication of the future sale while also redacting any info about the location of the home to protect the privacy of the Richt family.

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