RichRod Bravely Leads Michigan to Record Loss

Hand it to Rich Rodriguez, one of our particular favorites; the man knows how to turn heads and set records.  Today, he showed Michigan football a place it has never been before: eight losses in a season.  The 21-14 defeat to bowl-bound Northwestern in a “half-deserted” Michigan Stadium sealed RichRod in the Michigan history books for only his second time this season.

Rich Rodriguez and Bo Schembechler

(Bo Schembechler had chunks of guys like Rich Rodriguez in his stool)

Of course, his first entry came in October when he sealed the “biggest talent absolutely wasted by a head coach in Michigan history”, surpassing the burying of Tom Brady by Lloyd Carr with his brutualization of Terrelle Pryor.  (Oh, wait… he didn’t go to Michigan!  Well done, Richie.)  He’s totally been worth the cost and headaches so far, hasn’t he?

Does anyone know if Hitler knows how to draw up the Wildcat offense?

By the way, Rodriguez’s spurned University of West Virginia is 6-3 (3-1) and already bowl-eligible.  Also, they were actually ranked this season.  So… hey. Maybe RichRod just can’t stop himself from calling opposing coaches before each game.

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