Zednik Upgraded To Good Condition, Leaving ICU

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Richard Zednik has been upgraded to good condition on Tuesday, and doctors are planning to remove the Florida Panthers player from the intensive care unit at a Buffalo hospital.

Richard Zednik throat slash blood

Zednik suffered a vicious skate slash to the neck on Sunday, which severed his carotid artery and caused him to lose massive amounts of blood. Doctors believe Zednik lost a third of the amount of blood in his body from the cut.

Dr. Sonya Noor, who performed emergency surgery on Zednik, said he was very lucky no other major arteries or veins were cut. Zednik was also fortunate his carotid artery wasn’t completely severed, which helped quicken the time to reattach it and lessened the chances of suffering brain damage.

Noor said about Zednik’s status: “He looks very good. He’s alert, awake, oriented …. We’re just very, very happy. We were all lucky last night, not just Richard.”

Zednik could be ready to leave the hospital by this weekend. Good luck to him.