Richard Collier Talks About Shooting/Amputation

• Jacksonville Jaguars lineman Richard Collier speaks out for the first time since being shot 14 times & having his leg amputated.

Richard Collier

• Since the Rose Bowl’s been like a second home to USC lately, the Trojans will wear their red home unis when visiting UCLA this Saturday.

Dusty Baker wants one more chance to ruin Kerry Wood’s arm.

• At least one football league is United in its support of Michael Vick.

• Sometimes, John Kruk just wants to punch Karl Ravech in the face.

• Ex-MLBer Derek Bell gets rung up on drug charges - again.

• What hath Plaxico wrought? Another Giants WR gets caught up in another gun-related incident.

• Meanwhile, teammate Brandon Jacobs isn’t afraid to pack some heat in order to protect his home.

• And the winner of today’s groin-grabbingly good caption contest is..

Jaguars Texans

Agent Zero Tolerance, with this seasonal suggestion:

The Houston Texans perform their own version of “The Nutcracker Suite”.

Thanks to everyone for participating. New contest will be up tomorrow.