Rich Rodriguez Knows How to Set Expectations

Rich Rodriguez has done his level best to tamp down exuberance for his new Michigan wards. He told ESPN’s Ivan Maisel that he’s “anticipating the worst” in year one as the team learns his brilliant system. Also, the grinding conditioning program needs time to soak in. And so on. It’s college football’s version of the “he lost 20 pounds and looks great on the mound this spring” piece.

Upskirt Michigan Cheerleaders

(This will distract Michigan students for only so long)

Of course, Rodriguez doesn’t have too much time; 9-4 may have been a fine farewell for Lloyd Carr, but it’s unacceptable to Big House denizens. Perhaps he can buy time while he attempts to build a team modeled in his image, full of fast-twitch muscles and constant movement. If only there was some way to convince fans to be patient… hmm…

… oh, maybe, like recruiting this kid:

Terrelle Pryor

With his decision due any day now and all Ann Arbor affiliates possibly on notice to cut to live coverage as soon as the young man utters the name of a Big Ten school with conviction, Rodriguez would certainly feel much better about his chances in his new home if he had Terrelle Pryor in maize and blue.

At the very least, he could distract Michigan fans long enough to build recruiting classes of players best suited for his genius and succeed on his own terms. After all, the worst that could happen doesn’t involve poor spring practices; it’s hoping that Alabama AD Mal Moore is still taking your calls. Or seeing Appalachian State on the schedule.

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