Rodriguez’s W. Va. Hometown Takes Down Signs

In the post below, we told you how West Virginia University is suing Rich Rodriguez over possible non-payment of his buyout clause. To say the ex-coach is not well-liked in the Mountaineer State is an understatement.

Rich Rodriguez podium paper

In fact, his hometown no longer presents him as a point of civic pride.

The DETROIT FREE PRESS reports on the small community of Grant Town, which used to have signs proudly declaring themselves as “Home of WVU Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez.”

However, less than 24 hours after Rodriguez said he was leaving for Michigan, the mayor of the town of 650 ordered the signs taken down.

He said the removal wasn’t out of any anger - yeah, right - but to thwart any possible vandalism or theft.

West Virginia sign

But the mayor had a right to be concerned. Last year, when Rodriguez was flirting with Alabama about their head coach opening, someone ripped one of the signs out of the ground and stole it. But when Rich decided to remain, the sign showed up outside of the town hall, with a note saying, “Since the coach is staying, here’s your sign back.”

This time, there would definitely be no returns - unless as a heap of burning metal, glimmering like a West Virginia couch on fire.