Coach Rod’s Mom Wants WVU Fans To Back Off

The joy of West Virginia’s shocking shellacking of Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl may have eased some of the anger over Rich Rodriguez’s escape to Ann Arbor. But if ill will still remains with the Mountaineer faithful, the coach’s mom will have none of it:

Rich Rodriguez old lady not his mom

(Not Rich Rodriguez’s mom, but presumably a nice old lady, nonetheless)

The DETROIT FREE PRESS discovers Arleen Rodriguez defending her boy from the ire of West Virginia fans. In a letter written to the FAIRMONT TIMES-WEST VIRGINIAN, Rich’s mother explains that his decision to leave was a difficult one, but he had to do “what he felt necessary for his career.”

Arleen also sadly noted, “We as a family will especially miss the fun times of all being together every football game Saturday.”

But Mrs. R isn’t so solemn when it comes to attacks on her kin: “We have found it especially difficult to understand or explain the actions of a few of our West Virginians. It was deplorable that our family, especially the children, have been threatened and property damaged.”

(What does she expect from folks that like to torch a couch now and then?)

West Virginia Rich Rodriguez sign

However, Arleen finished her letter on a positive note, suggesting that fans donate money to charity instead of spending it on anti-Rich shirts. She ended by saying, “We now have two teams to root for.”

Tell that to Coach Kidd of Charleston’s Electric 102.7 FM.