Rich Rodriguez To Blame For Pacman & Henry?

The FAIRMONT TIMES WEST VIRGINIAN ran a op-ed column today that lays much of the responsibility for the misdeeds of former Mountaineers Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry at the feet of their former (and now Michigan) head coach, Rich Rodriguez.

Rich Rodriguez West Virginia thumbs up

“But it must be said the university — especially the football program run at the time by Rich Rodriguez — failed to do anything to straighten out this gifted but troubled young man.

It failed in its responsibilities to Henry, to his family and to society, which is threatened each day he walks around freely.

Multiple sources within the athletic department and football program say Henry was much worse than his public image, and that public image was never exactly heroic.”

It goes on to detail a number of nasty incidents involving Henry, Jones and receiver Travis Garvin - currently doing time for armed robbery - that were met with little or no disciplinary action by Rodriguez. In one case, receivers coach Steve Bird was fired for Garvin and Henry refusing to to do running drills before the 2003 Gator Bowl, with no penalty to either of the players.

Seeing as how Henry and Jones could reunite in Dallas, if this whole Michigan thing doesn’t work out, maybe Rich Rod can find his way onto the staff there. Just to ensure they don’t lose his quality instruction.

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