Rich HS Football Players Get Eggs On Their Faces

Same as it ever was, petty vandalism is a necessary rite of passage during any high school experience. And while some of the types of vandalism may have changed over the years (yesterday’s “mailbox baseball” is today’s “teepeeing a tree”) one act of defiance has remained as relevant as ever: the classic egging.

Car getting egged

Unfortunately for the (very rich) kids of Greenwich High School, the parents there “just don’t understand”: Several high school football players who egged an assistant coach’s house have been arrested and received a “stiff punishment” for their misconduct.

The GREENWICH TIME has the details:

Calling it a “black eye” for the program,” Greenwich High School Headmaster Al Capasso said yesterday that several Cardinals football players arrested and charged with throwing eggs at an assistant coach’s house have received stiff punishment by GHS for their misconduct.

Capasso declined to elaborate on the specific form of punishment, but said it was in addition to the athletic sanctions handed down by the team.

“It certainly does not put the program in a good light,” Capasso said. “However, the program involves 100 students and it’s extremely unfortunate that these students chose to do this.”

According to a police report, five youths were arrested July 6 and charged with third-degree criminal mischief and third-degree conspiracy to commit criminal mischief for egging the vehicles parked at the home of Phil Tarantino on Bible Street in Cos Cob on several different occasions. The names of the youths were withheld because they are under 18.

This is the second such example of the authorities in Greenwich making sure no fun EVER happens in the town. Stay crusty, angry old Greenwich!

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