Rich Gedman Will Defend Roger Clemens’ Honor

This is weird: Rich Gedman’s still alive. I had no idea. He’s currently managing the Worcester Tornadoes. And after an unannounced visit from former teammate and unadmitted drug user Roger Clemens prompted a story in the local paper, Gedman proceeded to go “Jim Luther Davis” on the author of the piece, Kevin O’Malley.

Rich Gedman and Roger Clemens

Apparently, Gedman took issue with O’Malley’s article because, well … I have no idea.


“You had a chance to do something special yesterday and you couldn’t (expletive) do it, could you?” Gedman said, according to a taped transcript of the exchange. “Clemens shows up here and you dog him in the newspaper. Shame on you; you’re (expletive) and then you have the nerve to ask me about the game, right. You’re a (expletive), get the (expletive) out of here.”

It gets awesomer, though; O’Malley says that Gedman challenged him to a fight, presumably working under the assumption that a sportswriter would never hit a former washed-up ballplayer-turned-coach who happens to sport Rec Specs.

So what did O’Malley write that got Gedman all lathered up?

Gedman took issue with several aspects of the story. Specifically, the story mentioned that Clemens walked from the dugout to the Tornadoes bullpen midway through the fourth inning “followed by an entourage of police officers.” Gedman said that no police accompanied Clemens and that the story seemed to imply that he needed armed protection. …

Gedman also disagreed that the crowd responded to Clemens “with a chorus of cheers and boos” when he was introduced while walking off the field, saying he heard no booing from the crowd of 3,153. O’Malley insisted that he heard boos from almost one-third of the fans.

Scandalous. Good thing Gedman doesn’t work in Chicago because Jay Mariotti would’ve long been murdered. (On second thought…)

In any event, Gedman is very sad because he “thought the story could have been positive and special.” You know, like a Clemens drug test. Instead O’Malley gives us facts. That, sir, is a recipe for a beatdown.