Rice Boiling Mad At Gruden, Calls Him a ‘Scumbag’

• Ex-Buc Simeon Rice labels ex-Bucs coach Jon Gruden as a “scumbag“.

Simeon Rice Jon Gruden

• An acrobatic act at a charity golf dinner falls short of expectations.

• Sports concussions can really, really, really wreck your brain.

Mark Sanchez to enter the NFL Draft with his brother representin’.

• The 3-year-old son of Eddy Curry identifies the killer of his mother & infant sister - but the suspect hasn’t been brought in yet.

• A British long jumper leaps off of a South African roof sans clothes.

• Man City star Robinho is accused of being belligerent with the birds.

• Both Super Bowl combatants have a Smith who’s seen his fair share of family adversity.

• And the winner of today’s Boris Diaw-Lamar Odom caption contest is…

Boris Diaw Lamar Odom

Robbie Stuntman, with this ambidextrous answer: Diaw displays his three ball juggling skills.

Thanks for playing. Keep your head up for a new contest coming tomorrow.