Blog-O-Rama: Ric Flair Retiring? Go Figure (Four)

• WOOO! The CHARLESTON (SC) POST & COURIER slams down news that Ric Flair may be retiring from the ring.

Steve Spurrier Ric Flair

(The Nature Boy Ric Flair with the Call-To-Nature Boy Steve Spurrier)

• The BBC boogies over word that soccer players in the Ivory Coast like to celebrate goals by jiggling their gluteus maximus.

• GIANTS FOOTBALL BLOG looks for a new moon over Lambeau Field, as Brett Favre may be favoring Randy Moss.

• Meanwhile, Mike Sando of ESPN’s HASHMARKS examines the riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery that is the (for now) Patriots receiver.

• The NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE comes out with this fabulous headline about the Saints agreeing with a Gay:

Saints agree with Gay

• CTV throws up news that some ski jumpers are spewing before sliding down the slopes.

• Something about the Tampa nightlife brings out the worst in athletes. First a couple of Canadiens spent a night in the pokey for trying to poach a purse. Now, POLICE LINK finds a Yankees farmhand rounded up for raising a ruckus at a restaurant.

• The DETROIT TIGER WEBLOG learns that whether you’re at the box office or online, buying baseball tickets is a bitch. Just ask Rockies fans about their World Series seating adventures.

• DC SPORTS BOG notes how Terps fans just want to hide in their shells, as Maryland blows a 20-point lead in losing to Clemson in OT.

Shocked Maryland basketball fan

Maybe the Terrapins should move their next contest against the Tigers to Chapel Hill.

• The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER’s REDS INSIDER reports Jay Bruce paying special respects to the recently-deceased Sheldon “Chief” Bender.

• BUGS AND CRANKS pitches news that Cole Hamels is p.o.’ed with the Phillies’ penny-pinching ways.

• The LOS ANGELES TIMES knows it’s in the cards for the Lakers, as Kobe Bryant plays 52 pick-up with the Mavericks.