Ric Flair Learns That Not All Punches Are Fake

Wondering how retirement’s been treating Ric Flair lately? Great! He gets to spend a lot more time with his family. Specifically, doing things like getting into drunken brawls with his daughter’s boyfriend while she gets arrested for assaulting an officer after the cops show up. The family that fights together stays together.

Ric Flair

WTVD reports that cops came to Ashley Fliehr’s apartment to investigate after neighbors complained about a scuffle in the parking lot in the wee hours of Friday. The AP says that when they got there, they followed a trail of blood to Fliehr’s apartment, where they found The Nature Boy laying in bed nursing his wounds while his daughter’s boyfriend cooled off.

Meanwhile, Flair’s daughter was still apparently ready for Round 2. Unfortunately for her, so were the cops with their Taser guns. She really should have known to back away when the cop who came to the door had “Big Boss Man” on his name plate. And what a surprise - the cops say everyone had been drinking.

Police reported that Flair “got the worst” of the encounter, and the picture above certainly does little to dispute that fact. And it’s easy to see why - Flair’s 59 years old, for Pete’s sake. It was unfortunate for Flair that his daughter happened to be dating Fedor Emelianenko - what are the odds?

But with Flair’s reputation as The Dirtiest Player in the Game, I’d watch my back if I were his daughter’s boyfriend. Six months from now, he’s walking down the aisle at the Circle K looking for the pickle-flavored sunflower seeds when WHAMMO! - a steel chair to the face followed up by the dreaded Figure Four Leg Lock.